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Edina, MO 63537-9677 

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“Caring for those . . . Who cared for you” is more than a catchy slogan.  Many of  our staff know the residents or their relatives because we all live in the same community.  Most of our workers have some kind of connection with the resident’s family.  Perhaps they went to school with the resident’s children or grandchildren.  Maybe they attend the same church or live across the street from the resident’s family members.  It’s sort of  like being in “Mayberry” where everyone knows everyone else.  There is a commonality that stretches beyond the particular task of doing one’s job.  People here are genuinely concerned about the well-being of each resident because the employees know many of our residents.  

We are licensed as a “Skilled Nursing Facility”, certified by the Federal Medicare Program and the Missouri Medicaid Program.  Since we are certified by Medicare and Medicaid the costs for our services may be covered by these programs.  If not, we would bill the resident privately and assist with filing claims for any nursing home insurance policy they my have.  

In order to best serve our residents and their families, we must assess the individual needs of each resident prior to admission.  The first point of contact for admission is normally our Social Services Director.  He or she will gather pertinent information and inform our Director of Nursing and Administration, thus beginning the admission process.  To inquire in more detail about a potential admission contact our Social Services Director who will be happy to talk with you.

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